Jessica Howard evening dresses are popular choice of many women because of its affordability and great quality. And so when I was invited to a formal gathering, I decided to look for one. A lot of friends have recommended me this particular line of dress, and as I look at Jessica Howard’s gown and dress collection, I know what made them like her creations. The dresses are simple yet sophisticated in their own small details. Also, there are a lot to choose from whether I like a sexy long gown or a formal, classic dress. The choice of fabric is also very good, and even the colors are simply attractive.

In this article, I will share the top four choices I had in her evening dresses collection.


The Sexy Shutter-Pleat Gowns By Jessica Howard 2017

This sexy shutter-pleat gown enhances your curves and gives you a sexier look because of its surplice overlapping V-neck and ruched inset waist. Its short sleeve is also capped with beautiful and elegant brown lace. If you are short, you would want to wear this dress because its pleats create an illusion that makes anyone who wear it look a bit taller. It is made of shimmering taupe rayon too, making it perfect for events held at night. You’ll surely stand out as you wear this. And as for me, it is one of my top picks so I bookmarked its page on Dillard’s. Guess what? This beautiful evening dress only costs less than a hundred dollar!


Black Beaded Neck And Waist Dress At Jessica Howard Evening Dresses Collection

Some says that every woman must have a little black dress in her closet. I guess I have found mine in Jessica Howard’s creations – the black beaded neck and waist dress is a sexy and sophisticated dress perfect for an evening party. It only cost $75, so it is very affordable. It is sleeveless with a scoop neck, so be ready bare your smooth, sexy shoulders! It also emphasizes your shape by its seemingly belted waist. Well, both the belt and neck is embellished with shiny, black beads. These beads serve as one of the appealing factors in this seemingly plain dress. It makes this simple dress stand out, and when accessorized with the right jewelries, I know it would be perfect. If I’d be wearing it in the party, oh well… it would be unforgettable.


One-Shoulder Dresses At Jessica Howard Evening Dresses Collection

I have seen one-shoulder dresses in Jessica Howard’s collection, and I have to admit that I really want to get my hands into those! Well, I really cannot make up my mind which ones to choose. I saw a one-shoulder blue cobalt dress, turquoise, another one in Atlantis blue, and Scarlett Nite embellished one-shoulder dress. There is another one in another online store that sells a purple one-shoulder asymmetrical dress, however its shoulder is made of ruffled strap. Again, the prices of these dresses are very cheap so it suits my budget too.   If you can’t find a dress that you like at Jessica, then you can try out a Strapless Black Dress and you will no doubt look amazing.  You really can’t go wrong with a strapless dress thats black, but if you want to purchase jessica howard dresses, keep reading.


Cap Sleeve V-Neck Lace Tiered Evening Gown By Jessica Howard

Jessica Howard DressesFeeling sexy? Well, I’ve been thinking of wearing the cap sleeve v-neck lace tiered evening gown by Jessica Howard. Its lace top that covers the shoulder is very sexy, added with its deep plunging neckline. The lower part of this dress (from waist below) is pleated black polyester. For only $150 to $170, you can have these sexy Jessica Howard evening dresses at Amazon.

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